Ancient planter Francis Chapman, who came to Virginia aboard the Starr in 1608, was residing in urban Jamestown on February 16, 1624. By January 1625, he had moved to the lower side of the James River where he headed a household in Paces Paines. In May 1625 he was credited with 100 acres of land opposite Jamestown. In January 1628 Richard Richards and Richard Dolphenby, who had legal possession of Chapman’s land, jointly conveyed it to Isabell Smyth Pace Perry. The Chapman acreage was described as “nere unto Paces Paines” (Hotten 1980:175, 232, 270; McIlwaine 1924:63, 65, 159; Nugent 1969-1979:I:10). It was located between the acreage originally patented by Richard and Isabell Pace and that of William Perry.