George Marable II, who on August 11, 1709, formally acquired 1,650 acres called Swann’s Point from Joseph John Jackman, was the son of George Marable I of Jamestown and inherited his property there. George Marable II and his brother,William, also inherited their late father’s leasehold in the Governor’s Land.  Between 1700 and 1718 George Marable II served intermittently as a burgess for James City County, where he also served as a justice in the monthly court.  In 1712, while a burgess, he was accused of malfeasance and temporarily removed from office (McCartney 2000:III:231-232).

George Marable II retained his 1,650 acres at Swann’s Point very briefly.  On October 31, 1709, when he sold it to John Hartwell, he succinctly recounted the property’s history and noted that he was reserving a 50 foot square of ground for a graveyard “at or near the usual place of burial on the said land.” 10 In November Marable went into court where he acknowledged that he had released his 1,650 acres to John Hartwell.  Mrs. Elizabeth Jackman also appeared and acknowledged that she had relinquished her dower interest in the land her husband had sold to George Marable II (Surry County Wills and Deeds 1694:362-367, 429-431; Court Records 1701-1711;331).  As the Marable and Hartwell families were related by marriage, George Marable II may have purchased the property for the expressed purpose of conveying it to John Hartwell, who was his father-in-law (Surry County Will Book 6:184).

[10] He probably was referring to the site at which the Swanns and their kin were buried.