On June 4, 1900, John and Amelia M. Schmitt of Surry County sold Mount Pleasant to James P. Beatty of New London, North Carolina.  The farm still consisted of 642 acres.  Again, a notation was made that the timber on the property was excluded from the sale (Surry County Deed Book 29:15).  Beatty and his wife, Hattie, made significant repairs and/or improvements to the buildings at Mount Pleasant, whose assessed value rose from $300 (in 1900) to $1,000 by 1901 (Surry County Land Tax Lists 1900-1904). The tax assessor failed to describe the type of improvements that had been made.

On March 28, 1934, James P. and Hattie Beatty of Columbus, Ohio, sold Mount Pleasant to the Ingersoll Manufacturing and Development Company.  The sellers indicated that they had bought the property from John and Amelia Schmidt in June 1900 (Surry County Deed Book 34:479-481).